Let's pamper your pet with us!

As your best friend, you naturally want to pamper your furry pal to show how much you love them. Nothing makes your pet feel more cherished than a day spent at our spa. Help your fluffy friend feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside with a day of primping and pampering with a grooming treatment that includes the works.

Dog getting their nails trimmed.

Our Pet Grooming Services

Grooming is a more difficult task than many people think, especially when it comes to breed-specific haircuts or bathing a feisty feline.

Fortunately for the pets in the greater Queens and the Bayside area, we have a highly-skilled groomer who sets up shop here at North Shore Animal Hospital four times a week to tackle even the thickest of double coats and most tangled of curly fur.

Our talented groomer offers a wide array of services to ensure your fluffy friend leaves our salon with the hottest haircut in the neighborhood. Our grooming services include:

  • Full haircuts
  • Partial trims, such as around the face, paws, or sanitary trims
  • Anal gland expressions
  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Baths with conditioning treatments
  • Dematting

With our experienced groomer, we guarantee your pet can receive any special haircut you’d like, whether you have a rare breed with a unique breed-specific cut.

Groomer Performed Services

  • Small Dog :


  • Medium Dog :


  • Large Dog :


  • Extra Large Dog :


Groomer bathing black dog.

Pet Grooming in Bayside

For the most fashionable pet on the block, you’ll definitely want to book a grooming appointment at North Shore Animal Hospital. We can fulfill all your pet’s grooming needs in the Bayside, Whitestone, and Flushing areas, ensuring your furry friend leaves our salon with a snazzy new ‘do. Give us a call to reserve your pet’s spot on the grooming table to stay trimmed and mat-free.